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4 Ways to Enhance your Client Outreach

Sheeva Izadi, Marketing Consultant

As you continue to work through the various obstacles that come with a global pandemic, it is important to remain proactive in maintaining and enhancing your relationship with clients – both current and prospective. At Asset we have continuously worked towards providing you with the solutions you need to persevere.

Here are four ways in which you can continue to enhance and strengthen your client outreach efforts:

  1. Leverage Technology
    Utilizing technology such as educational webinars, BombBomb videos, virtual consultations, and customized email and social media content will place you at the front of clients’ and prospects’ minds. Creating a series of on-demand educational webinars is an efficient way to continue to inform and engage your audience without cutting into your day-to-day.
  2. Evaluate Your Current Book of Business 
    Consider doing a thorough evaluation of your current book of business – look for clients that could benefit from contract adjustments or cases where they should consider a “Plan B” for their retirement. Sending custom messages to your clients will go a long way when they see the effort that you are putting in to make sure they are secure.
  3. Utilize Direct Mail 
    Direct mail isn’t dead! While quite a bit of the communications now a days occurs online, that doesn’t mean that you can’t market through direct mail to webinars or to advertise your firm. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a great way to target specific areas and get your message into the hands of qualified prospects.
  4. Remind Them You Are Still In Their Corner
    It is essential to continue to check-in on your current database of clients, making sure they know you’re always working towards their best interests. When the market fluctuates and tax rates take a turn, they will look to you for reassurance and solutions. 

We have created multiple resources which can help you accomplish these goals and more. 

Call your Business or Marketing Consultant today to help you implement these tools and enhance your client outreach efforts: 888-303- 8755