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Are Your Clients Gambling With Their Retirement?

Josh Ver Hoeve, V.P. Annuity and Life Distribution
(Asset Marketing Systems)

January is Financial Wellness Month.

In 2019, each person in the United States spent about $1,000 on the holidays, which was up from the $885 average we saw in 2018. This means that there was more than $1 trillion spent on the holidays just in the U.S. alone. Included in that spending, 33% of people spent over $1,000.  The U.S. economy is doing well!  The market continues to soar to new highs over and over again, however the question remains for you and your clients – when will we see a correction or even a slowdown?  

Many experts are saying that in the next decade we can expect U.S. equities to be somewhere between a -5% to a +5%.  Perhaps more important, the last decade is highly unlikely or nearly impossible to repeat.  So the next question to ask is, when is a good time to take your winnings off the table and protect them?  I would take a guess and say that right now is about as good as a time as ever.  

Many Americans looking to retire in the next five to ten years don’t have to take the market risk to achieve their retirement goals.  So why take risk when it’s unnecessary?  Even in this low interest rate environment we still have Fixed Indexed Annuities with incredible accumulation potential, all while protecting your clients from another market downturn.  Take this first month of 2020 to plan for the future and your clients’ future. Let’s make sure our clients are financially well and not taking risk that is unnecessary.  

You may be wondering about which products are best for safety and accumulation, or perhaps have the best income riders on the market?  Maybe you’re looking to leverage assets for death benefit.  We have you covered, CLICK HERE to view our January 2020 top picks page for Annuities and CLICK HERE for life insurance.  Be sure to give our product team a call to discuss your cases, answer questions, or run illustrations.  Our number is 888-303-8755. 

Source USA Today Article November 29, 2019.