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Carriers Adapting to a “New Way of Underwriting”

Mia Dempsey, Manager – New Business

In an effort to make life insurance risk assessment easier during the pandemic, carriers are continuing to streamline their underwriting processes. These methods include expanding and instituting new accelerated underwriting processes, and adding features to their websites to assist advisors with inforce business.  Below are some of the ease of business changes we’ve encountered.


Expanded Accelerated Underwriting from $1.5 million to $3 million, as well as including Premium Finance business.

  • Accelerated Program guidelines that remain unchanged:
    • Ages 25-60
    • Preferred nontobacco or Preferred Plus nontobacco risk classes
    • Requirements: MIB, MVR, Rx, Underwriting Consumer report, and PHI


New Horizon drop ticket process generates an email to the client allowing them to complete an online application.  No more waiting for the client to be available for a telephone interview.

  • Carrier will then do MVR, MIB, etc.
  • This gives clients the flexibility to complete the entire application online in under 20 minutes 
  • Reflexive questions in the application reduce the need for exams and labs


Paperless term cases; electronic ticket Tele-App process with automated underwriting and Electronic policy delivery on all cases.

National Life Group  

  • New electronic policy delivery option for annuities and life cases
  • See actions that your clients are taking with the carrier call center, website, and mobile application by using the new Client Intelligence feature on the carrier website:

Give the Life Team a call to run an illustration, answer questions, or get a preliminary risk assessment done for your clients.  We’re here to help and appreciate your business! 

Important Note:  Despite the early underwriting challenges during the pandemic, our Case Managers’ average turn-around-times from submission to approval remains at less than 38 days.