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Consider the Ultimate Gift of Love

Jeff Stemler, CLU, ChFC, CFP, Sr. VP – Advanced Planning

With Valentine’s Day being in February, our thoughts often turn to our loved ones. This love takes on many forms, one of which is to protect them. We would do almost anything to prevent a life-changing event that has devastating emotional, physical and financial consequences.  An event that often tears a family apart and puts their lives on hold.  Wouldn’t you do just about anything to prevent these consequences from affecting your family?

What’s the event that can cause such devastation? It’s when you or a loved one needs extended care. Is there an answer?  One option is to set aside enough assets to pay for your care which can be expensive and severely affect your lifestyle.  Is there another answer?  Consider Asset Based Long Term Care Insurance.

Asset Based LTC Insurance is unique in many ways:

  • The premiums are fixed and can’t go up
  • There are multiple ways to fund the coverage; single payment, annual payments for a specified number of years, or lifetime payments
  • Various assets can be used to fund the policy; cash, annuities, existing cash value life insurance, and even qualified plans
  • A return of premium rider is available on certain policy designs

Below is an example* for a husband and wife both 50 years old 

  • Premium $100,000
  • Return of premium guarantee $100,000
  • LTC coverage amount $236,792, which will pay $4,736 for 50 months
  • Benefits can be used by each spouse, or both until benefits are exhausted 
  • An immediate death benefit of $408,450 decreasing to a guaranteed $236,792 after 15 years

Multiple riders are available, including extended coverage options, and the only lifetime coverage benefit available on the market.

When you need extended care, your life does not end but your care-giver’s life, as they now know it, will.  Owning Long Term Care insurance is not for you, it’s an act of love for your family.

* Rates will be based on final underwriting decision. Coverages and policy features may vary from state to state. Consult your Asset Product Specialist to get a sample illustration.