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Considering Your Annuity Replacements Options Due to The Recent Market volatility

Josh Ver Hoeve, VP of Annuity Sales

A frequent conversation the annuity sales desk is having right now is related to annuity replacements. Due to recent market volatility we are receiving more and more calls looking to replace variable annuities that have market risk and/or high fees. Most clients are not able to handle the market volatility, especially when limited to their investment choices for upside potential. Some of you may have seen back in October that Ohio National announced to eliminate brokerage arrangements and stop the sale of variable annuity business.

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Others are aware of a choice made by VOYA about a year ago to settle out variable annuity income riders to clients, and now like Ohio National, VOYA is no longer in the annuity business. Even with a predominate bull market the past ten years, just a couple of volatile days in the markets have clients asking for safety – and rightfully so. FIA sales are beginning to increase while VA sales decrease. What advisors and clients are realizing is that with recent product innovation, FIAs are the best of both products.

Let’s start off this new year by making sure our clients are financially well. Based on these recent trends, we should be asking our clients the following questions:

  • Do they have annuities purchased within the last ten years that are doing what they wanted them to do?
  • Did they have an income rider but no longer need income or vice-versa?
  • Do they have an accumulation product that now is needed for income?

Asset Marketing Systems is committed to providing you with the newest and most competitive product solutions for your clients. This month we are highlighting two annuities you may not be too familiar with:

North American Versa Choice: An FIA loaded with benefits; high liquidity and income guarantees that double for home health care (2 out of 6 ADL trigger). The product also has accumulation potential.

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NAC versa choice 10 ELB

3 in 1 design

North American also has a great client brochure to help understand income needs.

Bridging the retirement gap

Delaware Life: Another FIA with an incredible income guarantee product called the “Target Income 10.” They recently increased their income guarantees on this product to be even more competitive. Delaware Life will not always be #1 on a guaranteed income spreadsheet but they are almost always in the top three and are #1 in many scenarios. If you are going to stick with a guaranteed income product and are not sure the exact year in which you want to trigger income, this is a great option. They will win in a lot of cases, but will always be competitive if something changes and you need income sooner than later. Click on the product guide here.

Contact our team today for more information on any these featured products! We can also help with any niche product recommendations and positioning, comprehensive product detail analysis, and sales concepts.

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