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Direct Mail – Do It Right or Not At All!

Skott McKinney, Director of Marketing & Creative Services

Direct mail marketing has surely evolved, shifting mainly to the digital. In fact, according to USPS, mailbox volume is down from previous years. However, as those numbers decline, USPS notes that 62% of all mail received is classified as direct-mail advertising, either by first-class or commercial.

So, what’s that mean to you? Simply put, don’t rule out marketing opportunities that still create results. In fact, some 124 billion pieces of mail were received in 2017, with 42% of respondents reporting that they had read a catalog. Even more insightful, the Direct Marketing Association says that more than 100 million people made a purchase or used a service that came from a direct mail offer.

While the stats tell us not to abandon a tried and true method for reaching potential clients, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to hit the mark on every mail campaign. But, you can improve your odds of success if you know what to look for.

Here are 3 tips you can start using today that can get you started on better direct mail campaigns.


Craft Your Message – What keeps your clients up at night? Honing in on those messages brands you as the expert and drives future engagements.


Set Attainable Goals and Test with Purpose – Direct mail has been a tried and true method for decades. In order to get those strong results, set attainable goals and build on your past successes. Careful testing brings favorable results.


Partner with the Right People – Having the right partner can focus your efforts to work with your clients and can help drive engagement. Consider working with individuals who challenge and educate.

So, how do we know this works? Simply put, we’ve been managing campaigns for two decades. We combine expert advisors with direct mail trends and industry insiders to craft results-based direct mail marketing that outpaces some of the competition. Our GOAssetDirect direct mail program utilizes proven messaging that builds empathy and increases engagement, which resulted in an across-the-board average response rate for 2018. Some campaigns even saw rates above 2%.

Download our whitepaper that outlines 7 Must-Have Components Every Direct Mail Campaign Should Have.

Don’t take my word for it. Call us today to learn how we can help your campaigns.