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Do your Clients have enough Coverage from their Life Insurance Policy?

Josh Ver Hoeve, VP of Annuity Sales

84% of Americans agree that most people either need or need more life insurance. However, out of those surveyed only 30% of them actually had any sort of life insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, people do not think of life insurance as a necessity until it’s either too late or until they have a near death experience, both of which are instances when you can no longer buy it. Is there another product on the market that people want to buy the least when they can get it, and want it the MOST once they can’t get it? Perhaps nothing fits that description more than life insurance. Things like retirement income, disability/long term care, medical expenses, personal debt and living costs are much larger concerns of Americans nearing or in retirement. The great thing about life insurance is that even though the primary purpose is a death benefit, it can actually provide relief in all of those areas of concern mentioned. Long Term Care rider innovations over the past five to seven years, disability riders, chronic and critical care riders, and tax-free income are all features of… that’s right LIFE insurance! Perhaps the greatest act of love is purchasing a life insurance policy, not just for yourself but for those who you love. Let’s continue to remind our clients of all the things life insurance can do for a person outside of just providing a death benefit!

Take a look at Asset’s new Life Insurance Needs Calculator to help your clients better understand how much insurance they should be buying. Contact our sales team with any questions or illustrations you may need!