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Don't Let "Stuff" Break Up Families

Ruth and Lynne, sisters, grew up the best of friends. They were close in age so they would hang out with the same people, go to the same places, they were inseparable. They lived a modest life with their parents who owned a convenience store. They didn’t have a lot of fancy things but their things were nice. Their mother however had an amazing collection of family heirlooms. Everything from their great-great-great grandmother’s leather-bound Swedish bible to hand sewn linens, to black and white family photos.

After their father passed, their mother decided to move away. She didn’t have enough room for all of the items so she left them with Lynne temporarily. Their mother ended up passing away a few years later. Ruth decided she would love to have some of those memories and asked Lynne to share what was left behind. Lynne on the other hand decided that the items had been with her so long that they belonged to her. Ruth ended up with nothing.

These two sisters live in the same town, same community and even shop at the same grocery store. These sisters haven’t talked in over 5 years. Imagine if their mother had taken the time to bequest those items. Those two sisters could still have a relationship.

With the proper legacy planning tools you can help your clients avoid these types of mishaps. Speak with your Business Consultant or your Marketing Consultant about the tools that are available to you. Wouldn’t it be worth sending a letter or an email on this very important topic to bring awareness and peace of mind to your clients?

To access some of these tools please visit the Asset Portal here.