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Estate Documents Pro

If your clients don’t have an estate plan, the government has one for them. A common misconception with estate planning / legacy protection is that you only need a trust or a will. The truth is, you need both, and then some.

To have a proper estate plan your “package” should include the following:

Revocable Living Trust (RLT) – The centerpiece of the estate planning portfolio is the revocable living trust. This written document determines how your assets will be handled after you die. “Revocable” gives you the control to make changes, transfer assets in and out, and even revoke while you are alive.

Last Will & Testament – Also known as a “Pour-Over Will” is used in conjunction with a RLT and its primary function is to convey everything you have forgotten to fund into the trust prior to your death. This does not avoid probate so it is important to get your most important items into the trust. The document also declares your appointed guardians for minor children or disabled adult dependents.

Durable Power of Attorney (POA) – Durable means that the appointment of the power will “endure” even after your incapacitation. A POA gives the agent the power to make certain decisions on your behalf, when you are unable to.

Durable Financial POA – This appoints an agent to perform financial decisions regarding any assets not funded in the trust at the time of your legal incapacitation. (Assets in the trust will be managed by the trustee.) Having a POA protects your privacy and saves money by avoiding expensive court and legal fees.

Durable Healthcare POA – This document allows your appointed agent to make important health care decisions in the event of your incapacitation, including the continuation of life support systems.

Living Will & Advanced Medical Directives – This allows you to determine how you want medical care administered if you have a terminal illness or are in a comatose state. These instruments will convey your wishes to medical professionals (such as your choice whether to be kept alive by artificial means or not).

Certificate of Trust – This is primarily for providing evidence to a transfer agent (brokers, bankers, account managers etc.) about certain facts concerning your trust. This document helps protect your privacy by not disclosing the full details of your trust when funding assets into your trust.

Estate Docs Pro offers your clients an affordable solution for protecting their families. As a valued Asset Advisor you gain access to this program at no charge and you choose how much you want to charge your clients. Clients appreciate the flexibility, control, and simplicity of this program. To learn more, contact your Business Consultant.