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Five Important Annuity Processing Tips

Mia Dempsey – New Business Department Manager
(Asset Marketing Systems)

We understand that having to go back to your client multiple times for new or corrected paperwork is time consuming and frustrating. Let us help you get it right the first time. Review these tips below for best practices when submitting your Annuity cases:

  • 1. Verify Your Carrier Contract Status
    • Make sure your Continuing Education (CE) credits are current!
      • Licensed agents need 24 hours of CE credits every two years. Some of those credits include AML and Annuity training. You can look up your CE credits via the Department of Insurance for your state.
    • Make sure your Carrier Appointment is current!
      • Call Asset Marketing Systems to confirm you are contracted and active with the carrier. If you have not written business with that carrier in the last 12 months, you may have been terminated.
    • Make sure your Product Training is complete!
      • Many carriers require specific product training. In some cases, each product line has its own training. Check your product training status with the AMS licensing department.
    • Do not take the application until you are sure all items above are in place.
      • Taking an application with one or more of these items missing most likely will require you to get updated paperwork signed.
  • 2. Keep up-to-date on Product Information & Rates Changes
  • 3. FireLight Tips – (E-Application)
    • Jurisdiction Selection
      • Incorrect state selection will require you to start over with a new case.
    • Optional Redtail Data Upload
      • If you are a Redtail CRM user, this is an optional selection for you. Via FireLight you can select the client information in your Redtail CRM to pre-populate portions of the application.
      • If you do not have the Redtail CRM or would rather manually populate the information, select the chevrons to the right to skip this page.
    • Where to View Missing Items
      • Click the chevrons at the top left of the page, under the Data Entry counter, and open the pages available. The red highlighted pages are those missing information.
      • If you still can’t find what’s missing, click the red “comment” icon on the top right of the page and missing information will be highlighted.
  • 4. Where to Send Your Annuity Applications
    • AMS case manages certain annuity carrier applications
      • Most of the carriers shown below require Asset to case manage the applications. Please make sure to send these applications to Asset (send copies to Asset if you submit the originals direct to the carrier at
        • 1. Ameritas – FlexMark Select (Optional)
        • 2. Americo – ClassicMark & LibertyMark (Optional)
        • 3. Athene – BCA
        • 4. Delaware Life – Retirement Chapters (Optional)
        • 5. Nationwide – New Heights
        • 6. North American – Prime Path
        • 7. Transamerica – Secure Retirement Index II
      • The remainder of our annuity carriers work directly with the agent’s office to obtain outstanding requirements on cases. These applications should be sent directly to the carrier. For these direct submit carriers, duplicated case management efforts on the part of Asset Case Managers who aren’t privy to info sent directly by the agent or his staff can cause confusion.
  • 5. Funding the Case
    • Transferring Money
      • Call the transferring company to confirm if a specific transfer form is required.
      • Annuity transfers require a current statement from the existing policy to be submitted with the application.
      • Since most carriers will not accept e-Signed Transfer of Asset (TOA) forms, it’s advisable to get a TOA physically signed by the client to be safe.
    • Sending a Physical Check
      • Send the check with the original application packet, OR
      • Wait for a policy number from the carrier and reference that number on the memo section of the check. This will allow the carrier to match it to the correct policy.

If you are not contracted with Asset, contact us to
learn more at 866-546-5267.