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Help Protect Your Clients from the “Next One”

Lexie Giusti, Sr. Marketing Consultant
(Asset Marketing Systems)

Since August 2018, the current bull market has been the longest-running in U.S. history. In addition to this incredible run, since the Great Depression, the Dow has hit multiple milestones and set record closes. The lesson we should learn from previous market influx and downturns is: “It isn’t so much about how much you’ve gained, but more importantly, it’s about protecting yourself from losing what you’ve gained!”

Your clients may be having the best run of their lives in the market right now. On the contrary, you could have clients that are feeling that 2008 pit in their stomach. Right now is the best time to educate your clients and prospects on current economic conditions, opportunities of in-service distributions, and locking in their gains from this long bull-run.

Take the opportunity to use the “Market Volatility” download by inserting it into an upcoming email blast or passing it out at a Learning Center event, or your next seminar. 

Download the Market Volatility Flyer

Please contact your Asset Marketing Consultant to discuss more ways to use this piece.