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LIAM Life Insurance Awareness Month

Every September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM). The team at Life Happens created LIAM to remind Americans about the importance of life insurance. There is no more affordable way to show your loved ones that you’ve got them - and their financial future - than life insurance.

LIAM is the most ideal time to recognize the importance of life insurance and the benefits it can provide to every American. Life insurance gives Americans the opportunity to provide their loved ones with a tax-free legacy and retirement income. It can help prevent debt related to rent, mortgage, loans, and college tuition, as well as funeral costs, and other essential expenses.

Preparing for your September LIAM campaign now can help you spread the word to every American and bring awareness to the importance of having life insurance. Become a member of Life Happens Pro by subscribing to their free services, or an upgraded version for a nominal monthly fee. Visit for more details.

Here are some ways to take advantage of LIAM:

  • Launch a campaign to empower your clients to purchase a life insurance plan for themselves and their loved ones.
  • Be sure to follow the social media accounts, update your own profiles to announce your participation in this year’s LIAM.
  • Use the hashtags #LIAM21 and #GetLifeInsurance to amplify your outreach on these platforms.

This year’s spokesperson for LIAM is singer, songwriter, producer, and humanitarian Kelly Rowland. Rowland’s simple, powerful message for LIAM 2021 is, “With life insurance, I’ve got you.”

Start talking to your clients now about the many benefits life insurance can bring. Find out more about programs like “Your Family Bank” and Kai-Zen by speaking with Asset’s life gurus, Jeff Stemler and Josh VerHoeve. Plan your campaigns now so you’re ready to take advantage of national media ads from many of the major life insurance carriers during the month of September.