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Life Insurance for Retirement Income?

Life Insurance in the traditional sense provides heirs a tax-free Legacy when their loved ones pass. In a previous article we described how life insurance could be used to pay off debt. Did you know you can also use it for a “catch-up” retirement income plan?

According to NIW, leaders of Kai-Zen, Americans between the ages of 30-50 are in a savings crisis. Over 90% in that age range have not even begun saving enough for retirement.

If you have clients that are 45 years old and have not begun saving for retirement, they might have heard that they have to save over 30% of their paycheck for the next 20 years to even hope to generate sufficient income in retirement.

Imagine if they could leverage their retirement savings up to 3:1 to provide them income in retirement.

Using a strategy like Kai-Zen your clients can:

  • Leverage their premium payments 3 to 1— their one dollar is matched by three more!
  • Only make 5 contributions
  • Start distributions after just 15 years
  • Have retirement income and a fully-funded life insurance death benefit, not to mention living benefits!

All with no financial underwriting for the leveraged match.

Kai-Zen tools to help you prospect:

“My ILIA” is your personal, interactive dashboard that works as a CRM and quote generator and is full of information and marketing materials to help you have this conversation once you are onboard with NIW.

Additional resources include the Kai-Zen Toolkit located on the Asset Portal containing:

  • Emails
  • Marketing Materials
  • Presentations
  • Social Media Posts
  • Videos

Work with your Marketing Consultant to personalize some of these tools today!