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Social Media

Written by: Skott McKinney, Director of Marketing & Creative Services, Asset Marketing Systems

I recently posted a blog and whitepaper focusing on the challenges advisors continue to face using social media. These challenges still exist, but there are ways around them and plenty of opportunities for your marketing to improve using social.

According to a recent report provided by the GlobalWeIndex, 30% of social users use social to research/or find products to buy. Additionally, they’ve identified that 1 in every 3 minutes online is spent on social media.

While surveys and research show increasing trends, I still believe that a successful marketing plan will include digital and traditional methods to produce the best results. The best advice I can give is “When you see the shiny penny, don’t assume it’s going to stay shiny. Give yourself options, and you’ll be successful.”

Download this insightful report here to see the trends dominating the social media space and to understand:

  • Which demographics are engaging with social media,
  • how users are spending their time on these platforms,
  • which devices are being used for social networking.

Click here to download the complete report summary.